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Kollegienkirche in Salzburg's centre

A masterpiece of baroque architecture in Salzburg

Apart from Salzburg Cathedral, Kollegienkirche is considered to be one of the most important churches in the archdiocese of Salzburg. The church is university church and that's what the Salzburg locals still call it. It was designed and built by architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach until it was consecrated in honour of the Unblemished Virgin Mary in 1707.

Kollegienkirche / church in Salzburg's city centre
Baroque architecture in Salzburg

Only a few steps away from the Amadeus Hotels you can marvel at this magnificent baroque church; its construction took 70 years.

University church's history

In 1707 Kollegienkirche was finally introduced after a long construction period. When Salzburg's university closed down Kollegienkirche was rededicated as Garnisonskirche during the monarchy era. It was only later, in 1964, that it became an university church again and this is what it has been known for up until today.

Kollegienkirche Salzburg's architecture

The church is divided into three parts:

  • Show facade
  • Main building 
  • Terraced slanting extension

The church's special features are the statues which represent the four archangels on the left and the four church fathers on the right. Exact observers will discover a delicate ornament on the big windows in the church that bring a bit of lightness to the heavy facade and were commissioned by Archbishop Fischer von Erlach.

The organ

The beautiful organ in Kollegienkirche dates back to the years 1866-68 and was built by Matthäus Mauracher I., and restored by the Pirchner company in 1982. Anton Bruckner especially appreciated this organ and played it in 1869.


Theological college

Right next to the university church you will find the Catholic high-school community. Various events are hosted in the church itself. But Kollegienkirche is mainly one of Salzburg's old town's most beautiful baroque churches and definitely worth a visit.


Kollegienkirche is located right on Universitätsplatz opposite the back of Mozart's Birthplace and only a few steps away from your private retreat in the middle of Salzburg's old town, Amadeus Hotels.

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