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Mozartplatz in Salzburg's old town

A memorial for Salzburg's famous son

Located in Salzburg's centre, this square has a special significance thanks to the impressive Mozart statue, built by Ludwig von Schwanthaler, introduced in 1842. In addition various visitors are delighted by the world-famous Salzburg Glockenspiel that chimes every day from the archiepiscopal palace.

In 1588 Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau planned Mozartplatz. The square in Salzburg's old town provides access to many sights and historic town houses in Salzburg.


Tourists in front of Mozart´s statue
"Mozartplatz" in Salzburg

Since the 16th century Salzburg locals and guests have bustled on Mozartplatz, since the 19th century some stop to pay tribute to the city's famous son. The masterpiece that was designed by Ludwig Schwanthaler and casted by Johann Baptist Stiglmaier sits enthroned in the middle of the square and was unveiled in 1842 with a big ceremony.

When Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau planned Mozartplatz in 1588, various town houses had to make way. The square however was strategically important because at that time a representative main transport axis ran right of Universitätsplatz from west to east. It was Paris Lodron who assigned building grounds on the square in 1620: in the east to cathedral constructor Santino Solari and in the north to the royal council Friedrich von Rehlingen, who commissioned the construction of the Stadtpalais town house here.

Stadtpalais Rehlingen

The former Stadtpalais Rehlingen, which is also known as Antretterhaus or "Haus Mozartplatz 4”, dates back to the 16th and 18th century. Until 1765 the noble house von Rehlingen had their residence here before it was sold to chancellor of Salzburg Land and court war council Johann Ernst von Antretter. 

Mozart´s statue at Salzburg´s Mozartplatz
Mozart´s statue in Salzburg

The building dates back to 1760 and shows various artistic and architectural characteristics: red marble portals with relief medallions of lions and Caesar heads, images of storks, pelicans or phoenix can also be seen. The curved window frames and the private Rococo chapel that is attached to the main house make this building so special.

The Antretter family were very close with the Mozart family, son Cajetan Antretter for instance was member of the Bölzschützenkompanie just like Wolfgang Amadeus and Mozart's sister Nannerl gave piano lessons to the Antretter daughters.

Other sights on Mozartplatz 

Right next to Stadtpalais you will find Imhofstöckl on Mozartplatz 5-7, a two-storey building with basket-handle arch portals and a timber shingle roof from 1620. Today you can find the office for culture here. If you walk to the buildings on Mozartplatz 8,9 and 10 you will find yourself in the three Kanonikalhöfe, courts from the 17th century that once belonged to cathedral master builder and consequently served as a residence for various cathedral canons.


Mozartplatz is situated between Alten Markt and Residenzplatz. From the rectangular square you will have direct access to Neue Residenz, Salzburg Cathedral but also to Traklhaus on Waagplatz.

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