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Salzburg Landestheater

Salzburg Landestheater

A lighthouse for Salzburg's culture scene

Salzburg Landestheater is a leading institution for performing arts in Salzburg and offers operas, plays, ballets, operettas, musical, youth and children's theatre at the history-steeped venue in the hear of the Mozart city.

Around 300-400 performances are staged per season, 25 of which are new productions.

Theatre with history in the city of Mozart

Landestheater is a building that dates back to the prince-archdiocese Salzburg era, like many other buildings in Salzburg. In 1775 Prince-archbishop Colloredo built the "prince-archbishop court theatre” where the ballroom building used to be and shortly after the theatre house was opened with dramas by Schiller.

Today the Salzburg Landestheater building is listed and like many other buildings in the Salzburg's old town it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage "Historic centre of Salzburg city”.

Venues in Salzburg

The main Landestheater building at Mirabell Gardens accommodates more than 700 visitors. In addition to the Landesthater there are other stages in Salzburg: since 2010 the Salzburg puppet theatre has worked closely with the high-class Landesthater ensemble at the puppet theatre venue. During the winter months some of the Landestheater performances take place at Großes Festspielhaus ("Great Festival Hall”) and at House for Mozart. The intimate theatre at the former Mirabell Casino also serves as studio stages for the theatre.

Landestheater Salzburg

Salzburg Landestheater

Spend an inspiring evening at Landestheater or at the intimate theatre and experience a diverse culture holiday in Salzburg city.

Find Salzburg Landestheater's current programme here.