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Hellbrunn Zoo

Animal joy for the whole family

Divided into the world's continents, you can travel around the world in a very short time at Salzburg Zoo. 140 species from all 5 continents live in the unique area in Hellbrunn, which stretches over 14 hectare; amongst the species are local and exotic animals.

Dive into the world of animals

Around 1,200 wild animals enjoy their lives in Hellbrunn with loving care and unique landscapes. The habitats were built with mostly natural materials in order to meet the animals requirements at Salzburg Zoo. 

The spacious open air area and the indoor area are divided into the following continents:


Centrepiece of the Africa enclosure is the Savanna area with rhinos, zebras and antelopes. In the bird park you will meet pelicans, cranes or flamingos. Salzburg Zoo is also famous for its cheetah enclosure with the 60km/h quick prey simulator.

Europe and Asia

Watch the denizens of the surrounding mountains, like ibexes, chamois and marmots as well as the newly non-native wolfs, bears and lynxes. Red panda, lar gibbon and the mysterious snow leopard represent the Asian animal world.


Look for kangaroos and emus in this peaceful and mystical part of the zoo.


The highlight of the America enclosure is the South-American jungle with various species of monkeys, coatis and the green iguana. Next to it jaguar and cougar lie in wait for their prey.

From the old town to Hellbrunn

A visit at the zoo can be easily combined with the sights in Hellbrunn: visit the Hellbrunn maison de plaisance and experience the water games that even after 400 years are still entertaining. 

In Salzburg you are never far away from anything. From the Amadeus Hotels in Salzburg's old town you will quickly get to Salzburg Zoo. Many roads lead to Hellbrunn, by taxi, by bus or by foot with a walk along the idyllic Hellbrunn alley. 

Enjoy Salzburg's sights and excursions to the city's many attractions during your visit in Salzburg and contact us now.

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