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Fortress Hohensalzburg

A landmark above the rooftops of the city

The biggest preserved castle from the Middle Ages, Salzburg city's landmark and almost 1,000,000 visitors every year: only three of the many reasons to take on the walk up to Hohensalzburg Fortress, explore the castle and the stunning panoramic views.

The foundation for the castle was already laid in 1077. At that time the barrier only surrounded a church, a tower and a residence. Over the centuries the castle was more and more extended and consequently a fortress was built that takes up almost all of Festungsberg.

Die Festung Hohensalzburg

Hohensalzburg – a success story

In its long existence no besieger could ever conquer Salzburg's fortress. It served as defence work, residence for prince-archbishops and sometimes even as barrack or prison. 

Today the romantic castle walls accommodate a museum. In the summer months the castle is meeting point for the international art scene during the courses of the International Summer Academy. All year round events, like classical music concerts, and presentations take place in the castle's premises.

Die Festung Hohensalzburg nahe der Altstadt

Up to the Middle Ages

Stairs and a (un-trafficked) road lead from Kapitelplatz right at the Cathedral up to the mountain. The path provides you fantastic views over the old town and takes about 15 minutes until you reach Hohensalzburg Castle's inner courtyards. As a comfortable alternative you can also take the funicular.

  • Infografik der Festung Hohensalzburg

Highlights at Fortress Hohensalzburg

State apartments, fortifications, museums, good food, … at Hohensalzburg Castle you can easily spend some time.

For many the torture chamber is the highlight of the tour. Others enjoy the panoramic views: on one side Salzburg's old town is at your feet, on the other side the Salzburg basin opens up to you; it is spectacularly surrounded by the Salzburg and Bavarian mountains.

The fortress also serves as the perfect starting or end point for a gorgeous walk on Mönchsberg, where you will find the Museum of Modern Art, amongst others.