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The Mirabell Garden in Salzburg

Symmetry a the highest stage

The motif is world-famous: a magnificent, symmetrically arranged garden with a fountain in the middle, which is surrounded by sculptures; in the background Salzburg Cathedral and above all Hohensalzburg Castle. Mirabell gardens is definitely one of Salzburg city's highlights and part and parcel of every Salzburg holiday.

Botanic and stone carver mathematics

The symmetrical main part of the garden, with the fountain and the 4 groups of sculptures in the middle, is the most famous part of Mirabell gardens. 

The garden and the palace were built in a way to make them directly aligned with the fortress. You should also walk over the footbridge to the right of the palace to get to the gnome garden.

Der Garten vom Schloss Mirabell

Gnome garden & more

The odd sculptures are especially popular amongst the Salzburg locals; once you've seen them you will know why. This garden originally accommodated 28 gnomes made of Untersberg marble and might make you giggle because no gnome is like the other. The little sculptures make funny grimaces which makes them a popular photo motif. Some of them can also be found in other parts of the city. 

On your stroll through Mirabell gardens you will also find the hedge maze, the rose garden or the orangery:

• Big and small parterre
• Rose garden
• Orangery
• Theatre garden
• Gnome garden
• Bastion garden

Der Rosengarten vom Mirabell

Architectural changes

In the 17th and 18th century the garden was architecturally redesigned several times. It was already finished in 1661, but Pegasus only found his place on the fountain's pedestal in 1913. The orangery was already built in 1725, after a long break it was only in the 1980s that it was actually used again.

Today's design of the rose garden, in the baroque era designed as "Big Bitter Orange Garden”, was only created in 1955. After various renovations it was Emperor Franz Josef who opened the garden to the public in 1854.

Die Mirabellgarten in Salzburg


Only a stone's throw away from the Amadeus hotels you will find this cultural gem. In order to get from your wonderful room in the middle of Salzburg's old town to Mirabell gardens cross Salzach on one of the gorgeous bridges that connect Neustadt with Altstadt.