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Salzburg Residence

Magnificent architecture in Salzburg's old town

Today the former residence for prince-archbishops in Salzburg accommodates the Residenz Gallery, amongst others. Paintings, sculptures and other showpieces can be found here. The premises themselves can be rented for various events. Visit Salzburg's old town and this special place and take in the past.

Once you walked through Salzburg Residenz you can only imagine the opulence the archbishops used to live in and the pompous parties they celebrated.

Der große Residenzplatz in der Altstadt

Historic pomp as far as the eye can see

Today's Residenz was originally built in the 12th century as a residence for bishops and was consequently extended several times. Because as abbots all bishops used to live in St. Peter's Abbey it got all a bit too small and it was Konrad I, who moved to the new bishop residence in 1120 – today's Residenz east wing that was especially built in 1124.

In the 16th century Wolf Dietrich had the bishop residence knocked down and commissioned the new Residenz in a late antique style. In the following years to come the building was reconstructed and extended several times while it served as a residence for prince-archbishops.

Residence's Toscana wing

In the early 19th century, when the prince-arch diocese's days were numbered, Salzburg Residenz served as one of many residences for the Austrian imperial dynasty, as well as for members of the Italian Habsburg family who had been expelled from Toscana – today the Toscana wing still remembers them. Later the wing accommodated the federal police headquarters until 1986. Today you can find University of Salzburg's law school in this wing.

State apartments

Residence accommodates a total of 180 premises and halls, 15 of which are state apartments. The biggest hall is Carabinierisall with an incredible size of 600m², Audienzsaal, Thronsaal and Weiße Saal are also worth a visit. Another special feature at Residenz is the bedroom with private chapel.

Residence Gallery in Salzburg

The ascent alone with the big stairs wrapped in red velvet indicate what you are about to experience. It takes some time to get an overview over the many masterpieces that are exhibited at Residenz. Many paintings by European painters from the 16th to 19th century can be found here. There are also special exhibitions waiting for you.

Take a look at the current exhibitions at Residence Gallery. 

Die schönen Räume der Residenz

Art bliss in the city of Mozart

Discover the magnificent premises at Salzburg Residenz and take in the exhibited masterpieces. During your holiday you have enough time for nostalgia, art far away from your everyday life stress and time to reflect and enjoy.