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The Untersberg - magical mountain in Salzburg

A unique cultural and natural experience

Wandern am Untersberg

Salzburg is exceptional, not only because of its historic old town but especially because of its closeness to the surrounding mountains. The Salzburg locals love to hike up the mountains around the city on the weekend. Many of the most popular hikes lead to Untersberg in the south of the city.

On the 1,973 peak you experience incredibly beautiful panoramic views over the Salzburg basin, over the Berchtesgadener Land and if the weather is good even over the Alpine foreland's lakes and over Lake Königssee on the Bavarian side.

Untersberg myth

There are so many legends and myths that are told about this special mountain in the north Limestone Alps. 

They tell about secret entrances into different worlds, about time holes and paths that lead directly to the Black Sea. There are stories about dwarfs that live in the mountains or dragons and devil's holes on Schellenbergsattel. 

Emperor Charlemagne is considered to wait for his resurrection here and every 100 years he is supposed to wake up until the ravens stop flying around the mountain. (speaking of ravens: these are especially tame on Untersberg and quite regularly they may sit with you at the table to bravely eat your leftovers). 

Untersberg water

The water from the Untersberg springs is highly cherished and is supposed to have curative power. It is proven that it has a high level of minerals and that it is highly energetic. Fill your bottles at the clear mountain lakes during your hike, you will find it coming out of the rocks along the way.

Der Untersberg in Salzburg an einem sonnigen Sommertag.

Hikes on the Untersberg

Untersberg can be crested on different routes. From the Austrian side there are two great hikes:

Doppelsteig & Reitsteig

Both steep paths on the Salzburg side start in Fürstenbrunn, which is easily accessible by bus or bike from Salzburg. Doppelsteig is considered to be an especially popular "mountain running trail” amongst Salzburg's extreme athletes: Nevertheless, hikers also appreciate the steep path over round wooden steps that peaks into a short via ferrata. The Reitsteig trail is a bit longer but less challenging than Dopplersteig. This trail is a nice and shady alternative on hot days.

"Trial trail” on the Bavarian side

From the Bavarian side you can also get to the beautiful and a bit less steep path up to Untersberg and will pass the Schellenberger ice cave along the way. Your hike starts in the Berchtesgadener Land, at the parking area in Markt Schellenberg. On this trail you will reach the Toni-Lenz-Hut, which is very cosy and known for its famous Kaiserschmarrn.

If this is still not enough for you you can also visit the ice cave or hike via Untersbergsattel to the Salzburg side.

Untersberg adventure for non-hikers

For less experienced hikers the hiking trails at the foot of the mountain offer relaxation and recreation.

You will conveniently reach the top of the 1,850m high Untersberg with the cable car from St. Leonhard. If you arrive at the summit and fancy a hike you will find various beautiful paths on the Untersberg plateau.

Huts and restaurants on Untersberg

Mythical adventure mountain in Salzburg

Untersberg offers various cosy rest and public houses, from rustic huts like Zeppezauserhaus, Toni-Lenz-Hut or Störhaus, to big mountain restaurants at the mountain station close to the peak. According to your individual preferences and the hiking route you enjoy delicious Salzburg and Bavarian specialties, simple snacks and refreshments as well as spots on the sun terraces with views over the Salzburg and Berchtesgaden Land at all of the huts.

Untersbergbahn im Berchtesgadener Land

Nature & culture in Salzburg

Back at one of the Amadeus Hotels you can relax in a very special and cosy atmosphere in the middle of the old town with all its sights. From the hotel's own roof terrace you enjoy views over the Untersberg that you just climbed. The mountains towers over Salzburg and reminds of a sleeping cat – as many Salzburg locals claim. 

Look forward to your hiking adventures during your Salzburg holiday and contact us for your stay.